Paris: Chevrolet S3X - heir Frontera

Paris: Chevrolet S3X - heir Frontera At the Paris motor show, General Motors will show SUV concept, S3X, which in the future will be sold in Europe, but under the Opel brand as the successor of the famous Opel Frontera.Car market is built on the platform of Saturn of Moscow state University (and, at the same time, the Chevrolet Equinox will appear in 2006. In this case, the car will be sold under the label Chevrolet, and will be Opel nameplates.Under the hood of the car, produced in GM Daewoo will hide the engine from GM Powertrain program (they are present in the model series Opel Vectra). The base model will likely get a 2.2-liter engine produces 155 HP, but will also version with V6 engines and, of course, equipped with a turbo.17.09.2004. . . . Читать полностью -->

Land Rover LR3: above all-stars

Land Rover LR3: above all-stars Land Rover has provided information on its latest development - a powerful luxury SUV LR3.LR3 will be the first model that is fully developed by a new team that came in a Land Rover in July 2000, after the purchase of this brand of the Ford Motor Company. LR3 is good on all sides and a spacious interior, and behavior as normal hi-Weia, or in any off-road.In the salon LR3 can be placed either five or seven people and a large number of things. In seven-seat version of the third row is suitable for three dimensional adults. All rear seats fold into the floor". Interior design is made in the spirit of minimalism and modernism. Every detail is justified.As for the design of the body - despite all the innovation, any accurately recognizes Land Rover vehicle.LR3 equipped with a 4.4-liter, 300-horsepower engine V-8 - it is made on the basis of "guarascio" AJ-V8 4.2, but operates at lower speeds , better able to withstand all weather conditions, dust, dirt, and will survive even after moving across the shallow river. Читать полностью -->

Exclusive Volkswagen

Exclusive Volkswagen 550 HP, 326 km/h, 3,2 sec to hundreds. This Golf! Silver Volkswagen Golf IV tuning shop HPA Motorsports is able to race side by side with Ferrari 575M and other modern car so extremely modified burgher hatchback...Of course, the modification is simple: as the basis for a new tuning project HPA chose the hottest version of the Golf - R32, originally a powerful and fast machine, also equipped with everything necessary for a modern car equipment. And looks very inconspicuous. In America such Tihany with hurricane inside called Sleeper...Driving performance Golf HPA promise something amazing: acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, manageability at the level of the Porsche 911 Turbo, braking distance shorter than the Ford GT! And so completely incredible maximum speed. The guys from Motor Trend dispersed `folk` to 326 km/h, which was recorded by an impartial appliances!An objective reason for these indicators - two turbocharger high pressure KKK. Engine capacity remained unchanged at 3.2 liters, and power increased to 550 HP (standard 240!). Читать полностью -->

"GM-AVTOVAZ" in the fall of 2003. will start shipping the Chevy-Niva in Western Europe

JV "GM-AVTOVAZ" in the fall of 2003. plans to start deliveries of cars Chevy-Niva in Western Europe, told RBC enterprise. In addition to the Western European market, the joint venture "GM-AVTOVAZ intends to learn other foreign markets. Recently, the company signed its first contract for the supply of its products in Mexico. The car in the export version will be equipped with the engine VAZ, the relevant standards Euro-3 (also considered the possibility of equipping export cars Opel engine with a capacity of 127 HP), ABS, airbags.In 2003. the company plans to produce 35 thousand Chevrolet-Niva. Читать полностью -->

Chrysler will drop 400 thousand minivans

Chrysler will drop 400 thousand minivans National administration of the U.S. transportation security NHTSA opened an investigation against minivans Chrysler 2002 model year in connection with cases of spontaneous combustion, which may be associated with defects of onboard audio.Today revealed 3 cases of fires, they were on the move when the receivers. In one incident the car was completely out of Commission.If confirmed suspicions about the factory defect under review fall 418 783 minivan Dodge Caravan, Plymouth, Chrysler Voyager (photo) and Chrysler Town & Country. Statistics show that a review after the investigation is initiated in 7 cases out of 10.Minivan Dodge Caravan 2002, had previously come under review. He was associated with malfunctions in the power supply system, which required replacement of filters, as well as to the prevention of locks child seat.16.07.2004. . Читать полностью -->

Enjoyment. Environment. Extraordinary. - Автомобили

Enjoyment. Environment. Extraordinary. - АвтомобилиHyundai at the Geneva motor show unveiled a hybrid concept car fuel cell E3.This is the first concept created in the design Studio company's European Design Center.What does the name E3? The Hyundai engineers have tried to connect this car three concepts: enjoyment, environmental friendliness and extraordinary (in English Enjoyment, Environment, Extraordinary - E3).Smooth contours of the body E3, however, form a strong and confident profile. Average hour made in a single external line with the framework of the doors, which creates a special visual effect when you look at the interior. For front and rear lighting used led technology, which has greatly save internal space, and untied the hands of designers with the styling of the front and rear, smaller lighting is also allowed to use the space for additional functions, for example, be installed in the housing of the turn signals of the camera, replacing the rearview mirror.In a car can easily accommodate 4 people.Special seat design involving different configurations, provides the space and visibility.The creators of E3 without the traditional round scale devices - they replaced the multi-function speedometer, and retractable from the front panel LCD display, developed in partnership with VDO. Читать полностью -->

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